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Sentinel reports low health but no problems found?

Sentinel reports low health but no problems found?

Innlegg ToniFranklin » Ons Mai 30, 2018 9:38 am


HD Sentinal reports one of my SATA disks to be on very low health (8%!) so I have ensured that everything from this drive has now been safely backed up.
However, I have ran a number of tests on the drive and no problems are found.
I have ran:
Short Self-Test - no problems.
Extended Self-Test - no problems.
Read Test - no problems.
Out of interest I have also tested the disk using the disk manager of Windows 7 and this found no bad sectors either.
However, HD Sentinal still reports very low health for the disk and states it currently has 963 bad sectors!
Does anyone know why it is reporting low health but I cannot find any problems when testing the disk??

Please help.

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